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Overlook Logistics has been a crucial part of supply chain management in shipping and logistics services, providing fast, safe and reliable freight transportation backed by our unbeatable guarantee on quality products.We believe in reliable, high quality, value for money supply chain solutions which we provide for an impressive array of customers.

Our managers and dispatchers are experts in their field and are experienced in managing a large fleet of contractors. We have the facilities, drivers, and logistical expertise to get your shipments where they need to go.As per your expectation, fast and accurate delivery at your address on estimated time and despite the distance, we hire our experienced logistics team  to track the activities of your products so that it will timely reach our customers.

We promise you  to serve reliable services regarding;

  • Consistent And Accurate Delivery On Low Transportation Costs 
  • 24/ 7/ 365 Monitoring All Aspects Of Your Freight To Its Final Destination
  • Providing Fast, Safe And Reliable Freight Transportation
  • Selection Of  Reliable Carriers And Equipment By Proprietary Software
  • Great Discounted Rates On Inbound Freight/ Backhauls
  • Provides Storage Trailers, Warehouse And Containers, 
  • Plan Transport Routes And Monitor The Necessary Safety And Security Measures 
  • Unbeatable Guarantee On Quality Products And Services.. 
  • Regular Updates To Our Customers 
  • Direct Access To Our Knowledgeable Logistics Team And Efficient Truck Drivers
  • Reliable Goods Flows In The Supply Chains 
  • Actionable Safety Solutions To Supply Chain And Logistics Businesses
  • Careful Handling Of Valuable Goods
  • Flexible Human Resource Solution
  • Deferred Liability
  • Maintain Strong And  Reliable Partnership 
  • Transport Fresh Produce

For the most demanding situations,Overlook Logistics is the reliable carrier you can always depend on to get even the most unusual job delivered safely and on time. Overlook Logistics can accommodate your container at our secure facility or warehouse, or deliver it to any destination you need it to be.As a third-party logistics service provider, Overlook connects customers through our assets, dedicated owner operators, and vast logistics database. We work diligently around the clock to send our customers daily updates with appointment times, in and out check calls, reefer temperatures, and location status.

Overlook Logistics has built its reputation by consistently providing urgent, emergency freight transportation service. Regardless of the size of your freight or the time constraints required to meet your delivery expectations, Overlook Logistics is your best choice for transporting your assets. Overlook Logistics also offers a wide variety of special freight equipment  to handle the most unusual or challenging transportation needs, such as Over-Width, Over-Length, Overweight, Freeze/Heat Protection, and more. We specialise in hauling the heaviest of loads, with a fleet of modern trucks for flatbed/heavy haul such as construction equipment, structural steel, heavy machinery, or any of the most demanding requirements.We use high-security data centres, as the interface between data exchange and the actual, real transport requires smooth and secure IT processes. We also offer cross-border tracking and tracing so our customers know at all times the whereabouts of their goods.

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